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ice queen not spawning at 19:00

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  • ice queen not spawning at 19:00

    my party and i have been waiting on the ice queen to spawn since 18:55 its now 19:40 and no ice queen has spawned is this a glitch , im just wondering because it says it spawns at 19:00 and where are all in L1........20:30 and no ice queen ........
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    It does that... you haven't seen the worst of it yet, we've waited for 1 hours and 20 mins before for Amarog. They just spawn late sometimes. Very late, nothing much you can do really.
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      they should fix it and have the world boss pop when it says it should


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        a tread like this was posted already, the bosses doesn't spawn on the time it shows it spawns after. The time is just saying that the bosses will begin to spawn 1 by 1 after that time, its not saying that all the bosses will spawn on that time
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          World bosses spawn within 2 hours after there designated time to spawn. Just keep waiting.
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