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Missing First Recharge Pack

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  • Missing First Recharge Pack

    Hello, I have not received my first payment pack after 4 days and after multiple tickets going unnoticed, or with no response from R2 admins. I'm hoping I can post here so I can receive my first payment pack for S101.
    Ticket #: 592642
    Thank you.

  • #2
    Your ticket will be forwarded to be checked later today when our support member is on-duty.


    • #3
      Still no response.. Should I be expecting one soon?


      • #4
        Sigh, gotta love the costumer support. After 5 years of playing this game, time to call it quits with over 300$ spent in total. It's too bad that the GM's are complete ***. The forum mods are actually pretty good from my experiences (ty memorylane/reverie)


        • #5
          I have forwarded your ticket once more to be looked into. Feel free to drop me a message if this still doesn't get resolved.
          Beerus - Mod of destruction.

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