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  • Server Boot

    So a few minutes ago, servers 25/28/30/31 (Falling Stars Bluff, Bloodfang Village, Altar of Sacrifice, and Tree of Life respectively) experienced a massive hiccup in which every player was booted from the server. I myself happened to be in the middle of a Training Ground session, so of course I lost out on a huge chunk of EXP I could've used to level up or come closer to it. Other players were no doubt AFK Grinding unaware that once they returned their time would've been wasted as well, and who knows how many Ladder and Bath runs might've been lost.

    So I think it only fair that an answer be given as to what caused this multi-server all-kick, which I'm going to assume has something to do with the fact the four servers are mass-merged and mass-clustered on the same Tower as many, many other CS and Wartune servers, and I also think it fair compensation be given for those grieved by this all-kick. And for the last *insert string of justifiably angered explitives here* time, put the above-listed servers on their own Tower. In fact, not just the four servers I mentioned, but if you've merged any servers anywhere at any time, put them on their own Towers as well, and keep these types of problems from happening in the first place. R2Games is not run by children I would assume, so take the broom and dustpan and clean your messy rooms or you're grounded without supper.

    I am FarFallen, and I am not pleased.
    "Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you're finished."

    User: (S31)FarFallen / Yiazmat
    Server: Tree of Life (S31) / Temple of Ibalize (R2Games-1)
    Class: Shadow Rogue / Mage (dual-Skill, one DPS one Heal)
    Plane: Scion / N/A
    Level: 75 / 61
    Guild/Rank: zOMGuild Guild Master / Luminaire Assistant Guild Master
    Finishing Move: Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken