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  • MallMMO

    Lot of chatter on whether mall is legal or not on my server.
    So is there still a potential punishment if a player is caught using mall?
    Is r2 understaffed and can't deal with punishments for mall and that's why people believe it's legal?
    r2 cooperating with mall?
    Does r2 even care?

    Just tell it to me straight pls.

  • #2
    Tricky. If I go into any sort of detail or explain any of the answers, I'd be giving away how to totally avoid being caught, so.. basic replies will be it, and no, I won't explain or expand.

    No, it's not legal. Yes, there is potential for punishment, at R2's sole discretion. There have been bans, but it's not always that simple.
    It's not as much to do with being understaffed as it is what and who are being reported and with what evidence.
    No, R2 is not associated with mall in any way.
    R2 does care, but get rid of one and another will always pop up in it's place.

    It's frustrating playing this game with the bots causing us lag, and being suspicious of everyone who upgrades things. Most games with an open trade system have this same problem. The only real way to fully combat it without going to the extreme of having everything bound or removing the open trade would be at the player community level, with everyone taking a stand against it by not jumping on the bandwagon and shunning those who do. If no one was buying, it would have no choice but to go away, and those who might buy but are hearing how if they do then no one would play with them anymore would be less likely to.
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