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2x Exp Token Glitch

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  • 2x Exp Token Glitch

    I tink the 2x exp token is glitch.. Example, Cos wen I kill a mob, I get 440 exp, wen I use my 2xExp, I'm supposed to get 880 exp.
    But I only seem to b getting 660 exp. Its like 1.5x exp despite using a 2x. Pls check on this. Cos its a real waste wen we activate
    guild 2x with our 2x exp tokens. its even worst wen we activate it together wit seng 2x. I really hope this bug b fixed soon. thanks.

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    You have probably vip.

    Regular 100 % exp (220)
    +Vip +100% (440)
    +Token +100% (660)
    +Guild Exp +100% (880)
    +Seignior +100% (1100)
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      Not a bug, it's just that exp boosts don't work the way you think. All increases are based on the base stat.

      Let's take an example. Let's say you don't have VIP, but you have guild 2x and 2x token and the monster normally gives 100 exp. Now, you might think that means you get 4x100 = 400, but that's not quite it.

      base exp: 100
      guild 2x: 2x base - base = 2 x 100 - 100 = +100
      2x token: 2x base - base = 2 x 100 - 100 = +100
      total: 300

      so if you're killing a mob of 220exp:
      base: 220
      guild 2x: + 220
      2x exp: + 220
      total: 660
      LVL 140 eidolon hybrid holy-focus priest

      LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



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        Moved to General Support, since it's not a bug. Great explanation Squintina.
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          Great. Thanks alot for explaining.. This really clears my doubt as I didn't know VIP already hv an added exp. Love this game.