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  • sperion

    i would like to get my attack sperion quest but it will not give it to me anymore and i don't want my def sperion anymore how can i get my quest back so i get my attack sperion pls help ty
    Last edited by 1mariejones20; 03-22-2017, 07:27 PM.

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    When getting the sperion quest you have 2 options. If you get one, the other option doesn't go away. If your saying that your sperion some how disappeared and would like to get it back you can send a ticket. Did you somehow throw away your attack sperion and get the defense sperion? And now you want the attack sperion back?
    If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket


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      yes i want my attack sperion back but i don't recall trashing it tho but i may have thinking it was something else can i please get the quest back