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I need help someone GM pls...

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  • I need help someone GM pls...

    Hello thx for this game
    just i have a problem when i want a party for dungeon i can't see members on map and i dont know how can find it dungeon enter so where i nust go for which dungeon dont have any information
    when open map just see my char not any more
    someone help me how can find party member ??
    good work good luck

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    To see other players on your map you need to be on the same instance. Change instances by clicking the little yellow L# in the upper left corner of your mini map. Select the instance you wish to be on, or inform other players of which instance you are already on. You do not need to be in the same instance as others to invite people to your party, join parties, or enter dungeons.

    To create a party, press P or click on the Party icon at the bottom of the screen. On the panel that opens, click on Create Party.

    To invite people to your party, click on their name in chat, from your friend's list, or after clicking on them on the map and select Invite to Party from the drop down menu. This will send them a request to join your party.

    Joining someone else's party is done the same way as above- by clicking on the player's name or character and selecting Invite to Party- this will send them a request to join their party. You need to leave your party to join someone else's. To leave a party, press P or click on the Party icon and select Leave Party.

    To find people to join your parties, simply advertise in world chat that you are looking for party members and include what you are wanting a party for. Note: spamming your party requests or advertisements may land you on people's ignore lists, so please be respectful of others.

    Once you create a party, you can enter any party area alone if you wish. You don't need other members unless you need help killing things. This is called a Solo Party.

    The locations of all dungeons is located in the Event Panel, which is located next to the mini map and is the icon above the shopping cart. Click on the Dungeon tab in the panel. Click on the dungeon you want to go to from the list. Then click on the gold underlined NPC on the right side of the panel. You will walk straight to that npc.
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      You could be a little more specific on the errors you are having. Did you check the config button located in the lower right hand of your screen next to the volume button? Check to see if at least 5 characters are displayed. (Max. 20) Also check to see that all graphical components are loading correctly by simply hitting ( . ) or ( / ) on your keyboard. If it's none of that, maybe your cookies / internet cache was deleted. If this is your problem, and I'm not quite sure if it is, reinstall your browser. Hope this helps.


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        If u can't see any1 on map try hitting the backslash key "/". That will turn on/off the view of other players.
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          All friends thankyou for help and information
          good luck have fun happy new year