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Response Time for Tickets - Feel like I'm being ignored

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  • Response Time for Tickets - Feel like I'm being ignored

    Per a moderators request I'm partially breaking Rule #3 of the forum rules "3. Please use the search function before asking a question. There is a good chance that your question has already been asked and answered. Do NOT create a new thread addressing a topic or issue that is already being discussed," and starting a new thread.

    I saw that one of my family members posted a comment/thread about R2 ignoring their tickets and thought I would add the following comment/post:

    "So what is a reasonable wait time. I've entered in several tickets myself and have received responses that R2 will contact me once they know more and then I'll get the "since we haven't heard from you we are presuming the issue is resolved" email. I've responded back to the emails saying the issue hasn't been resolved and get the same response 2 weeks later. It has gotten to the point where I've come to the conclusion that if R2 doesn't want to follow up as they say they will then they apparently don't care about me or the money I spend. Therefore I've stopped spending money."

    However, my response was merged with my father's response as he too plays the game. Our whole household plays the game, in the same house using 3 different computers and often times in different rooms of the house. I apologize that my father and I share the same last name and therefore have similar usernames. However, due to trying not to create multiple threads regarding the issue that our whole family feels they are being ignored, my family has now been accused of using multiple accounts to spam the forum. This has brought to light that if the moderators believe we three individuals are all the same person, perhaps R2 thinks we are as well. Thus maybe they think all our tickets are just spam from one account instead of 3 different people and 3 different accounts. I guess not too many people play from the same location or maybe R2 doesn't think that multiple members of the same family may play the game, I don't know. All I know is that for months my tickets, my mother's tickets, and my father's tickets have been pretty much ignored. The couple times I've gotten a response from R2, I was told I was the only one having the issue with my mounts, my inventory, dungeons, and therefore they needed more information from me and if I could not provide it my ticket would be dropped/closed. So I've stopped writing tickets as I'm tired of spending all my free time trying to report an issue I'm having and I don't want to have to spend what little play time I have taking screenshots of every action I do as I may need it to prove my issue with support. So I've stopped writing tickets and I've stopped spending money.

    Back to my original question what is considered a reasonable wait time on a response from tickets? Although I may not wish to spend my time writing them, others may wish to and it would be good for them to have a reference.

    Enjoy playing when you can.

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    Ticket confirmation screen says 72 hours.

    Reason why neither of your posts were on the same topic as Charcar's is because that was for a missing King's Cape and needing that back. You are just complaining about tickets. Complaints noted.

    If there's something specific you are needing, you may ask for help with that.
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      "since we haven't heard from you we are presuming the issue is resolved"
      yup that is the only response i got from my last 3 ticket.. took a break for 2 year.. come back and its still not solved.. lol.. i gave up sending ticket..
      - Strongest Non Casher -

      Ill make u keep spending.. get ready to be broke n regret..