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Holorn Cliff lag issue

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  • Holorn Cliff lag issue

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    I can't get on. Cookies have been cleared. Everything I normally clear has been cleared. >.> What's the deal?

    (s38) Shrine of Ariel, (s66) Nightmoor Hollow
    IGN: Mulan, Starz
    Level: lvl 105+ , 55+
    Plane: Eidolon, Mortal
    Class: Rogue, Rogue

    Oh, is this the part where I'm supposed to care?

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    Got the same thing about 6-7 mins ago, right when I tried moving to a new area, but had been sitting in town for about 15 before that.


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      No one can log in, I've attempted several times to re-log on Tree of Life (S31) and received a broken webpage prompt. It's been happening all over the game/site from the looks of it. My first reaction is to proclaim loudly "I told you so!", but I'll save it and see if it can and will be fixed.
      "Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you're finished."

      User: (S31)FarFallen / Yiazmat
      Server: Tree of Life (S31) / Temple of Ibalize (R2Games-1)
      Class: Shadow Rogue / Mage (dual-Skill, one DPS one Heal)
      Plane: Scion / N/A
      Level: 75 / 61
      Guild/Rank: zOMGuild Guild Master / Luminaire Assistant Guild Master
      Finishing Move: Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken


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        It's happened before to me. It just took time until I was able to login to Crystal Saga
        Crystal Saga
        Plane : Scion☆彡
        Character : (S46)Selphie
        Guild : (S34)GUILDLESS

        If The Whole World Was Blind Who Would You Impress?


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          >,> well it happens to me now lol.. :mad


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            thank god im not getting that -.-
            Bellas Chasm
            Eidolon Knight
            Ultrasaurus Rex gen 2
            Demon Lord Wings +2

            Amethyst Forest
            Eidolon Priest
            Ultrasaurus Rex Gen 3
            Demon Lord Wings


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              Holorn Cliff server Problem in conection

              Hi sir plss check holorn cliff server connection..alot of players encounter a lag problem.....plsss check..


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                [S58]Holorn Cliff Laggin like hell

                Is there a problem w/ crystal saga? Cause we're like disconnected everytime we log in at S58


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                  Lag level: 10000000. -_-


                  • #10
                    this is Sofina12 in this server...
                    please checked this server..i wasted my run in dungoeun because of this DC
                    thanks ^^


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                      Gm can u please back my run in bath..all wasted because of this problem (


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                        ***.. like seriously??

                        Why is it that in [S58] Holorn Cliff there is so much lag.. I get disconnected 5 times withing 10 minutes and when i try to afk I cant kill one monster before it disconnects me, Ive talked to other people and they are having same problems so it is not my connection, please do something to help this...


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                          Server bugging

                          my whole server aint working. and when i finaly log in it stucks i see a view messages whith questions why it wont work plz help soon



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                            The end of the world is near......Been trying to log in now for over 2 hours
                            IGN : Makka
                            Server : Holorn Cliff S58
                            Class : Hybrid Ranger
                            Level : 120+
                            Plane : Eidolon
                            Guild : Notorious


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                              Would be nice if they fixed this asap.. Been trying to log in now for nearly 3 hours. Not even an apology or any sign of a fix. I guess the end of the world is really upon us!!
                              IGN : Makka
                              Server : Holorn Cliff S58
                              Class : Hybrid Ranger
                              Level : 120+
                              Plane : Eidolon
                              Guild : Notorious