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  • Switch.Servers.Possiblity

    Hi talking to any GM that MIGHT read this, I was wondering if there was a possibility to switch server, Yes or No question but if yes i will give you the details why I would like to switch.

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    No there is no way to transfer characters between servers. If you want to play on a different server you will have to start a new blank character.
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    Bleh! Sounds like a lotta work to me. I think I'll pass, I'd rather play, and I'll ask for help when I get stuck -Konata


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      even if this was possible high lvls wud switch and go pick on newer servers, imagine a guild of eidolons lv100+ going on another server to be kings lol.......yea lowbies would start to leave
      Name: (S1)GeoStigma
      Class: Hybrid Mage
      Honor: Emperor
      Plane: Eidolon
      Level: Unknown
      Guild: Noypi

      Waiting for you and waiting your love...
      But you never came to me
      And I am still waiting until my death...
      But you hate me...
      So I shall kill you..
      And make you suffer...

      Kill me..
      Kiss me..
      Bury me..
      Just look at me....