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  • Seng timer

    yes hi hello i was in seng and had to run and help my grandfather who had fallen in the floor when i got back i had just been killed and spawn at beginning and as i couldnt move it kicked me from seng i was hoping you could fix this problem as sice i could not move i could not stop the countdown please please fix this so no one else has to lose out on what they neeeded i needed the honor so i could become baron thank you for reading and hope that you see this the way i did.

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    Seng timer sucks. I agree. When i have to step away - because i had to do something i couldn't ignore. But it is not something they will remove, they have it in place to prevent people of going in and just sitting around and not doing anything. So if someone sits up. ( on purpose) it will kick you then another person can be spawned into your L of seng.

    Sorry. But i dont think it will ever be removed.
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      ban spawn killer, ban eido
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