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How hard can it be to do your job?

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  • How hard can it be to do your job?

    You are annoying me, R2.
    Honestly, how hard can it be to do your fricking job? How much more money do we have to spend until you start fixing all the god damn bugs in this game?

    The current events are lame, but thats cool, most of us gave up our hope on good events a long time ago.
    But, it is not okay, that you don't fix all the glitches and bugs in your game.

    You have:
    Nerfed the priest class by "fixing" the frag-bug. The passive now prolongs when switching pets, which is a huge nerf. Also I do know priests that switch weapons while kiting (DS in ladder for running, frag for attacking), so in the worst situation, the passive never occurs!
    There is still no level 110 TG. Level 115+ players don't get any exp in TG anymore.
    Eidolon rangers still lose KD buff in KD.
    The negative buffs in purgatory can't be purged which again is a huge nerf for priests and rogues and for everyone who is using a purification pet.
    People who refresh in Dragonspine lose the balancer buff. Why not kick them outside on refresh?
    Same for plunders in delivery.
    We still don't have more vaultspace, maybe you should talk to xi xi games, your competitor, they released 2.5 vault pages with the lvl 120 release.
    Want to know more bugs that you know for months and havent done anything about it? Read your fricking bug report forum.
    Also read the suggestion board. The lack of GMs is stunning.

    What are you doing the whole day? For sure not working on your games.
    Oh and I know that there was this thread about someone accessing events that have been long over, even R2 Mark confirmed that the player turned in event items of events that werent live anymore when the server released. You know what? That player still is playing.

    Its just a joke what you have done so far.

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    I agree with everything that you've said.

    The GMs need to have more presence in their games. A Q&A would be amazing, and completely possible with the chat rooms they post during maintenance. Start having some consideration for your players R2.
    Server: (S4)Wilterlands
    Class: Rogue
    Level: 120
    Plane: Eidolon
    Rank: Emperor