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GM fix this "chat mod"

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  • GM fix this "chat mod"

    GM pls fix this "chat mod" in S37 because Ellana the "chat mod" said something she really wasent soppoused to like can players say bad words?No. but look at her can she say it? give her warning/talk to her pls
    because by the way she was talking to players calling them "dumb *****"
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    oooo big boi here. bring it


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      thread moved btw since you fail posted into wrong game after being muted and now defending people who accuse others of ignorant things which cite such remarks because they have been muted before as well and simply are just Jelly as all Hell

      btw i'm not a "chat mod". things like "chat mod" and "SS police" are labels that have been given by the people who were muted or banned and are all mad because they got in trouble for something and can't take the responsibility so blame others.
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        A mod curse? Wow you think that's a reason to complain? If I bothered posting half the things I've seen on chat, and if R2 bothered dealing with it, a good 70% of the player base would probably get muted/banned lol. If people are crazy enough to go too far with chat then get mad at the end result, there's a convenient thing called ignore and switch chat tabs.
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