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loading issue

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  • loading issue

    now im able to load crystal saga 2 without any problems but when i try loading crystal saga1 i get this infinity load screen which never loads it just spins forever
    this is only thing i get loading crystal saga 1

  • #2
    That usually happens when you're in a spot with low wifi connection
    Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies when you bake cookies and cook bacon


    • #3
      im running windows10 and im playing in a spot i been playing in for over a year and have same signal strength as any other time now it loads crystal saga 2 no problem why not crystal saga its the only game that wont load


      • #4
        i have the same problem and i did everything to fix it...but still saying infinity%
        why tho?


        • #5
          The infinite loading usually resolves itself, but might I ask which server(s) are you both attempting to access?


          • #6
            i managed to get on cs1 but the infinity is still and has not resolved itself s35 is my server number