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Toon never got fixed

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  • Toon never got fixed

    Being playing since 2010 and cashed a lot why can't you fix my toon 100% like every one eles toon got rolled back but i get ** cant so i lost all pet mounts diviner wheel; of destiny you know how bad that all hurts a toon had gen 3 doom maxed R2 TOOK IT ALL AND CANT FIX THIS TOON TELLS US WHY R2 IS STEALING OUR STUFF AND MAKING US CASH TO GET IT BACK, DON'T THEY GET ENUFF MONEY THE FIRST TIME CASHING ON ITEMS NO THEY LOSE IT AND MAKE YOU CASH TO GET IT BACK

    [S32] KIDD
    P.S A little ****** off

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    I understand why you are upset. I also understand that you were given compensation because they could not roll just your toon back, and you did confirm that you accepted the compensation. Unfortunately, given the issue occurred 3 months ago, there is no way they can recover any of the items that the compensation didn't cover.

    Individual toons cannot be rolled back. The other toons that had been rolled back were part of a server wide roll back. I don't know the specific reason for why your server wasn't included in the roll back. It's possible your server wasn't included because no one from your server reported missing items prior to the decision to roll back, or too few people needed a roll back that it would have caused unnecessary harm to the rest of the people who play the server.
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      the reason so long no one anwsered