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a new low for R2

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  • a new low for R2

    R2 has reached a new low. even byR2 standards. I sent in a ticket, I will get the usual, standard automated reply, so I am adding this here as a back up. I just went thru 8 runs of exolorn dungeon, had 4 1/2 pages of green/blue equip. to sell. went to sell it and guess what? you got it. I am selling each item for 14-16 silver in my action box, but when you look at the bank in my inventory, I am only receiving 1 silver, 1 copper, for each item, oh wait it gets better, cause when the silver goes from 9 silver to 10 silver. it automatically rolls the silver back to 0, so even though I sold 2 pages of equip. before noticing this. my gold amount never changed. just the silver and copper kept repeating themselves, over and over and over, so what, ya all trying to tell us not to even bother with running the dungeons, to make some gold. pitiful, just damn pitiful, so worried about catering to the cashiers, that you can't even pay attention to what the hell is going on in game. And no, I am not expecting a response, because I haven't had a response from any of the last 15 tickets, and I kept one ticket going for over a year now, and still no response unless you count the automated reply response.

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    If you have sent a ticket over the weekend, you wont receive a reply until the following Monday. However, since it is the Chinese Holiday, no one will be able to look into your ticket as of right now. Once the Holiday is over, you will get a response and your problem will be looked into. To make sure that your ticket does get looked into, if you can provide me with your ticket number in PM, i will have it forwarded as soon as the team returns to the office.
    If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket