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Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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servers broken

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  • servers broken

    the servers aroundS10 have been down for a while saying "can not connect to server" but it shows the server is green ive tryed to logg in a few times and it keeps saying cant connect

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    I will check S10’s server group to see if I experience the same.

    I have tested S10 and did not encounter any login issues. If you are still having problems, you can try the following to see if it gets you through:

    ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files
    ~ Use different browsers
    ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows
    ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source
    ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi
    ~ Use a proxy
    ~ Manually change your DNS/IP address
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