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  • Scammer

    I was disappointed to you R2. You're making outside fate shop for cash but you're seller is scammer. You're seller named Eldon John Olifernes who is said seller of your [link removed] scammed us with my friend from S6 and S1, he told us he can provide stacks of GPOW's, PUC's and GMUT's but when he got our money he suddenly blocked us from contact to him. We hope you will have an action for your seller the said name. He also giving me email from r2 GM to help me bought a toon who got tough stats in an instant "[e-mails removed]" this email is said one of r2 game master who is there boss. Wish that you hear your costumer complaints
    Last edited by Reverie; 11-02-2017, 07:04 AM.

  • #2
    First and foremost, R2 is not associated with any third party sellers. Our Terms of Use prohibits the use of these illegal sites and buy purchasing from them, you are violating our rules. A matter that could lead to consequences upon being reported.

    Secondly, R2 does not directly communicate with anyone via personal e-mails. The only means of direct support is through the ticket portal, so the e-mails they gave you are phony. Being scammed is just one of the risks of partaking in illegal activities and there is nothing we can do for you about it.