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VIP BANNED, for nothing

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  • VIP BANNED, for nothing

    Dear members of this game, i am in this game for almost a year and i payed money too for this month but u have banned so my money are spent for nothing. i want my money back, couse i cant trust u and will not be a vip anymore. u banned me for nothing just by posting something that had no proves that can happen or i have done it for sure, anyway there is no reason now speaking bout it couse u Banned me and and make me lose trust in u, i just want back my money.

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    The GMs will not talk about a ban or anything on the Forum... you need to file a ticket and hash it out there. Sorry
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      Being a VIP doesn't make u ban proof. If u think ur ban was unfair submit a ticket, otherwise being VIP is not a proof of innocence


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        r u sure Kay
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          Yup, i'm VIP myself, been such for quite a while (not for a month). If I was to scam someone or such I'm sure i'd be banned. VIP is just $ 8 / month, maybe 8k/month would make u ban resistant but not 8 lol


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            Spending money doesn't give anyone immunity if rules are broken. If you feel there were no rules broken, please file a ticket.

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