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It Won't Mute When I Push The "Mute" Button!!

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  • It Won't Mute When I Push The "Mute" Button!!

    I pushed the mute button because I wanted to listen to music on youtube while I gamed today, and the sound still wouldn't shut off!! I checked the system settings and put "music" and "effects" percentages to zero, and the music & effect sounds still aren't stopping!!

    ~ :C Help!!

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    Were you on two accounts? Maybe the other account had the sound on or something. Or uhh press the sound thingy on the computer. Then press something with an "X" near it. (Since my computer is Chinese and I can't read it I dunno what it says) uhh then close the one with words but no pictures on the top. I have no clue how to explain this bu ill try to screenshot it later when I login.
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      Ha, make sure you dont have an alt running in another tab or browser window... that has happened to me a bunch of times and I get all ****** off until I realize what happened LOL
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