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Problem getting into game .

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  • Problem getting into game .

    ladies and gents we are back .. unfortunately kinda ...
    well, whatever ( or what ever idk .. ) anyway lets get into it

    as a totally innocent person i tried to open the game with no dirty evil intention of trolling anywhere

    everything went well until exactly the last load right before the game opens

    char choosing appeared normally then first loading went well and at the 2nd one it kept going smooth until it stopped for no reason at 88% then
    the loading speed decreased rapidly for also no reason i even closed every other open tabs and refreshed but same thing

    cleared cookies same result

    reboot modem same result

    reboot pc same result

    reboot pc and clear cookies same result

    change browser same result

    k change char i know i do bring bad luck same result

    soooooooooo idk felt like writing this

    hope someone can help somewhere

    as always thanks for reading and sorry for the bad English

    ah and i do ask for a merg .....

    ( u dont need my char name but server is S13 )

    thanks again

    btw this is a photo because i know some ppl are photophopic that they think everything is a way to send viruses into their valueless pcs to take their totally useless info

    thanks again ...

    wow i just knew that was my 100th post i gotta celebrate .... yahooooooo...

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    new thing : i opened the game normally today after the new patch but just wanted to wait 24 hrs

    everything went quite fine until the same problem appeared today at almost the same time

    obviously am just not allowed to do any actual event in the game ...

    hope i can get some help ty


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      This happened to me, too (exactly 88%, loading speed went to 0 kb/s), but I simply did what you did and it fixed itself.
      Clear browser history, cookies, cached images and files, the whole nine yards. Let it load itself and it was fine. Try again, maybe?


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        i realized that this probably isnt a problem so there isnt a solution for it

        it just needs tons of doing all these things and it works on itself

        also some days that doesnt happen then it comes outta no where on another day

        guess thats just r2 stuff and we shouldnt get into it

        ty for answering tho


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          I have this problem, too, but I noticed that it was only when I try to get into certain places (Monster Jungle, Ruins Edge, etc.).