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question over event alt abuse

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  • question over event alt abuse

    since my server merged ive come to find out that there are a few players who have either made or been given access to eidolan accounts under level 80 since before the merge. these accounts are only used to farm events like hellstorm, nether, TT and other events that have a level cap before moving them into the bigger player pool of higher levels and never do anything that would level them. this has made trying to do any of these events quite a hassle to impossible since any new player basically has no chance of fighting them for the rewards. since this has been the case ive seen many of these events basically avoided for the most part(or in the case of tt many of them just choose to farm a lower level and not reach the top area). is this type of action allowed? they've been doing it for over the month since the merging(probably long before then as well) and its made it a hassle to play any pvp styled event they do since you either get forced out of prize contention or kept from making any decent prize from the event.

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    welcome to cs, u'll get use ot it, yes it's allowed
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