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VIP sharing (need feedback)

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  • VIP sharing (need feedback)

    VIP SHARING, is if you want to vip some1 (like your spouse) you dont have to ask about his/her password, just his/her username, server name and character name. then it could be traded/payed through GOLD.

    *this is for all players, specially the once who dont use cash but want to activate VIP*
    *support this thread if you agree, i keep in touch to it for more discussions*
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    You can pay for someone else's VIP by entering their R2 username in the proper field from the page.

    According to R2, it is okay to gift others VIP. It is not okay to offer to sell or trade VIP for items. However, you can be thanked with a gift of gratitude from the person you gifted VIP to.

    The keyword here is gift.
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      i agree with that