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Double Payment

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  • Double Payment

    I paid for crystal and got a error saying that i couldn't do multiple transactions, when i was only doing one transaction.
    I never got a receipt with a transaction number. Meaning that I'm unable to file a ticket with all the required details. So I'm wondering if you could cancel the second payment and refund it. help would be very much appreciated.

    Server: S31 Tree of Life
    Character: ChaozFusion
    Time of purchase: 11:30 EDT
    ~ perhaps a truth is a lie and a lie is a truth ~

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    Depending on how your bank or if u used a credit card works it may be possible to contact them before the payment is posted and have it canceled if it has posted already you ca usally click the account button and go to order history u may be able to find the specifics for posting a ticket there


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      R2 wont give you a refund. This happened to me too a month ago and I filed a ticket.
      All they'll do ask you for proof of the double payment and make you wait a long time then they'll tell you that they "due to the nature of the transaction" they don't accept refund.