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Possible BUG!

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  • Possible BUG!

    I have noticed that there might be a BUG with mob drops, When you are in
    a party and then go into AFK mode.

    When ever I'm in a party ( free for all party mode ) & it might just be me, I get no drops at all including pots and quest items,
    Until I leave the party, The moment I leave the drops instantly start appearing and dropping again!


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    What a strange thing to be happening.

    And I've never experienced that on me or any of my alts.
    LVL 140 eidolon hybrid holy-focus priest

    LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



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      I think it might have something to do with the way the AFK 'pickup' is set, and the way the party's 'pickup' is set
      So I did some experimenting I tried different AFK 'Pickup' settings while in a party, set on free for all at first, No change no drops
      on my end. Then had the party changed to, ( party maker set it to just Blue items. ) The only drops I got was the 'ROLL/LEAVE'
      mini boxes. My AFK was set to 'Pick up All' I still was not getting any of the normal drops ( pots and quest items ) until I left the party again, and just like magik pots and drops started happening again!

      Another thing to add to this is the fact that the party I was in, was not together.
      I mean we were spread out all in different areas of the map and LAYERS as well.
      My first post on this BUG 'the party was Together' and on the same layer.



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        Mob drops are determined by the RNG (Random Number Generator)