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Recharge probz.

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  • Recharge probz.

    Can everyone please go here:

    And comment if you or if you dont get an error message.
    Cause I get this error in my screen:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Error.jpg
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Size:	287.1 KB
ID:	1734185

    It doesn't seem to load the crystal choose options.
    (and the ingame options doesn't work for me since about a year ago R2 knows about that and told me to buy through
    the website with moneybookers but the website recharge page doesn't seem to be working)

    I tried this on 3 computers and 1 ipad
    with the following browsers:
    Internet explorer

    And I asked some of my friends on the server to check it out aswell AFTER filing a ticket to R2 (they told me it wasn't a problem on their side)
    But as I'm not the only one with this problem I think it is on their side, perhaps a missing link???

    Please check if everything works correctly on that page and tell me.
    Cause I think the more reactions of it not working the faster they look into it.

    Thank you,


    (Oh and the picture shows my laptop's searching for internet that's because I was like Ó.Ó ***? and restarted the modem before taking a screenshot, internet was and is working fine)
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    Soul: 241 =.=
    Languages: English, Dutch

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    I've pretty much already raged at them since yesterday when i was planning to grab a couple of ESD packs and then they blamed my provider for this kind of **** -.- ( They also still do )

    But yeah.. It's never their fault when something happen, always the others ( Costumers/Players that is ) - Apparently this issue only a few friends of mine got while others doesn't have any issues..

    And the funny thing is, i can go VIP with the exactly same credit card but yet unable to cash for xtals..
    IGN: Afrodite
    Class: Knight
    Level: 150, Eidolon
    Server: Cheurna Gorge
    Guild: EviL


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      Same problem I am having it is either error or declined card it is definitetly their end I already asked 3rd party and my internet provided has been fine the previous $600+ they'll happily take from me


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        i got it today for the first time :/