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Sticky Dragon Coin Shards

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  • Sticky Dragon Coin Shards

    Don't know if this is just me or a general problem - but the excess Dragon Coin Shards I collected last week can't be dumped. They are taking up a space in my backpack which I'd sooner have vacant. Now there is nowhere to trade them it seems like I'm stuck with them - I've tried all over in Starglade and outside but they just stay put.

    Pitkin - Sukemo Bluff

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    Sell them, that's what I did, lol.
    Stalkers OP.

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      I suppose there is someone looney enough to buy them on this server - I'll try it - lol


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        Originally posted by Pitkin View Post
        I suppose there is someone looney enough to buy them on this server - I'll try it - lol
        whuch looney are you talking about >_> no not the guy who traded me 250 invites and I decline all of em just To get my frag back >.>
        I'm not usually active so my stats are the same.

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        Well, that's about it! Have a fantastic day...


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          lol - no - but the misc items vendor bought them - at least they are not cluttering up my backpack anymore


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            I really like that they gave them a decent value for people that ended up with to many. It would be awesome if they could do this with other event items that are similar.