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Bug .?

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  • Bug .?

    I see many people bringing immortal blade outside ?

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    Yup, its a bug.


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      Always wondered when I was lower level, how I could bring it out. The stats on it are awesome for low levelers.
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        Originally posted by CantFindAName View Post
        Yup, its a bug.
        id like to see the [guide] immortal blade then
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	untitled.JPG
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Size:	126.6 KB
ID:	1664099
          is it legal to use the immortal blade outside secretonia??
          here's the screenshot i got from s61
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            If anyone has any insight into this one, please send me a pm with the details so I can pass it along. Thanks
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              my ladder quest bug whe i accept the quest automatic complete floor 10 to 45 very cool


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                Originally posted by washiwa View Post
                my ladder quest bug whe i accept the quest automatic complete floor 10 to 45 very cool
                can u post some ss ?


                • #9
                  how to do that imortal blade bugg???


                  • #10
                    photoshop,not bug Imortal blade :-(


                    • #11
                      end time,Imortal Blade will not used


                      • #12
                        It is the immortal blade bugg...

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                          Hi here's more immortal blade user. I hope this will get fix soon.... since the server is still new (which mean all are still low level, lvl30-40+ Mortals), they got the advantage in GR, Seng, and other PVP grounds.

                          Thanks GM's


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                            Wow guess now newbies have a good wepon.
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                              PHOTOSHOP ? not unless u got killed by a few times already

                              s61 almost all alts there got their immortal blades. i think it started 2-3 days after s61 opened.

                              how i wish i get one of those

                              lvl 100 Boar Lord