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Soul question, possible bug

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  • Soul question, possible bug

    I seem to have a problem when i'm upgrading my soul. When i upgrade something for example that involves a patk+agility boost only AGI is getting a boost. Meaning only one of the stats that's meant to increase actually does. I got the same issue repeatedly with my attack speed and other features. It bothers me cause when i spend 64+ soul shards on an upgrade and i don't get the results it gets frustrating. Will someone please look into this? I'm posting here cause I would also like to know if any1 has a similar issue in which case i'll post in bug section or submit a ticket.

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    Meh posted in the wrong game section, please move it to CS? I can't seem to be able to delete my own thread


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      I do suggest taking a screenshot before you upgrade these parts of your soul, and one right after. This way you'll be able to compare the numbers, and you'll be able to show that there's something wrong.
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        These experiments costed me few hundreds SS but i'll try as soon as i make more SS. It also doesn't happen all the time, i noticed the attack speed ones and today the patk. I'll try to upgrade the same slot next (120+ SS though).
        The soul part i upgraded today is called truth (void soul) to level 7. It increased my AGI but not the patk. It happened before with attack speed and Deftness (also in void soul). Sorry i have no screenshots yet but maybe it's a known bug?

        edit - sorry, it's Kayshah still, posting (by mistake) on alt account. Thanks for moving my topic in the right section
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