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NewGrounds Character transfer?

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  • NewGrounds Character transfer?

    I really hope its possible to move my character from NewGrounds to this site, I have Crystals and don't want it to be money wasted.
    Is there a way to do so, If so please help.

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    I would file a ticket and ask them about it. Otherwise the only way for this to happen is for R2 takes NewGrounds CS server back in which it would be part of CS servers.


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      Unfortunately, character transfers are not possible. Your character is bound to the server it is created on, regardless of platform.

      As sangofighter mentioned, the only way for your existing character to be on the R2 platform is if the NG server merges with R2- this doesn't happen unless NG decides it no longer wishes to host CS and plans on shutting it down, and even then it's not a guarantee that R2 will absorb the server.
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        Just cash a few hundred grand and they will do the transfer.