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My friend got hacked!!!

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  • My friend got hacked!!!

    Greetings GM/Admin..

    I would like to Ban s29 Punkizta and s24 Regieraid..

    These accounts got hacked and my friend can't open it.
    He says that he would like to ban These hacked accounts
    s29 Punkizta and s24 Regieraid
    So that those who hacked these accounts will not be able to use these accounts to harass and/or cause inconvenience to others

    Please ban these accounts

    your acceptance to this request is highly appreciated

    Thanks very much..
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    The best way to get help is to fille a ticket. Also include any screenshot or proof you have.
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      You need to file a ticket, which can be located in my signature. Your friend will have to do it and provide any information that you can to ensure it is actually their account.
      Accounts will not just be banned because you want them to be.

      Also, never share your account information with anyone, as that is not being hacked, that is giving out your information so they can just take it.