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No update or maintenance on 2/14??

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  • No update or maintenance on 2/14??

    Just wanted to check if there is or isn't any updates on 2/14, cause the events are 2-weeks long which usually signal some sort of vacation time for the developers. And this week is Chinese New Years.

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    Another week of literally ♥♥♥♥ events? COME ON..
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    Stalkers OP.

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      I don't care if they don't put in new events, but I hope they have a maintenance anyway just because when they decide to skip one, it usually ends up giving a massive dns issues or lag or some other **** 1-2 days later that results in the forums being flooded in error posts.
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        Don't forget the guild Showdown mega bug if theres no maintenance. The current guild would most likely lose to the challenger due to the bug. Missing towers, no ticks going off for any towers grabbed.