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Game Goes Black

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  • Game Goes Black

    Before server maintenance, my character (SteelSilver) was in Monster Island. (I cannot recall whether it was East or West. It had Spectres and Ogre Snowtossers.) I switched instances, but the browser crashed in the middle of switching. When I returned, server maintenance was happening, so I waited. Now that maintenance is complete, I found that I am unable to play the game.

    The webpage and flash object loads, at which point I see the percentage-loaded spinner with the game text above it, which is perfectly normal, but then everything goes black. Flash did not crash, it just displays nothing. I have deleted the browser history, cookies, and cache, restarted the browser, and refreshed the webpage with Ctrl+F5 (a hard-refresh). This did nothing to solve the problem.

    I guess the browser crash in the middle of switching instances caused my character to leave one instance of Monster Island without entering another instance of Monster Island or anything else, which would mean that my character is instance-less. But then again, perhaps the browser crash is irrelevant and the problem was actually caused by server maintenance. I don't know.

    Can someone please look into this and get me playing again?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I am using server [S61] Empyrean Acropolis.

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    Hm, I deleted the browser history, cache, and cookies, and restarted the computer, and now I am able to play the game. Strange. Anyhow, this thread can be closed. I apologize for wasting anyone's time.


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      Yeh sometimes it does that... Problem with the cache, happened to me and took me forever to figure out lol