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    Originally posted by sangofighter View Post
    If your talking about Caesary, then its cause the developers of Evony and Caesary got into epic legal fight that kinda killed both games. If its Kingdoms CCG, why does this link exist and yet there is no forums for it. Also why does this exist.

    And yeah im ****** about the direction of CS is going, especially with BR around. I've seen the web stats and it aint pretty. I'd wish you guys take a look at Aeriagames and learn how to run a MMO company. Not to blame the Mods, but it be nice to interact with the GMs.
    I'm sorry, did you just say Aeria Games knows how to run MMOs?
    I beg to differ, and I'll also say that their customer support is just as disgusting.
    If they know how to run MMOs, then why did they need to "partner up" with other games and also lose some games?

    I played on AGE for 12sky1 and stopped paying attention to it once they realized they couldn't do anything about it.
    The game eventually got shut down back in April or something of 2011

    If you're trying to say a company that couldn't even stop hackers destroy a couple of their games can run MMOs, then you have another thing coming to you, son.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys