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BUG: 5 balens blitz speed up deducted 1000 balens

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  • BUG: 5 balens blitz speed up deducted 1000 balens

    I speed up cooldown for single player campaign blitz for 2 runs. The message box says it only costs 5 balens but 1000 balens was deducted from my balance.

    I don't know if this fits in bugs or payment issue so I've put tickets in both category. I like this to be resolved today as I need the balens to finish my level 4 clothes with the clothes event ending today. Please refund my 995 balens for this game bug/mispricing.

    Ticket #127787 AND #127769

    edit: sorry, I just realized this is on the wrong game support thread. This is for Wartune, can a mod move this please? thank you
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