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Mage Ice or Fire?

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  • Mage Ice or Fire?

    Hi i have short question what is better Mage Ice or Fire Now im ice but i think fire is stronger?

    my mage lvl 65 MORTAL
    ultime demigod wings VIII
    suport super demon and tekka
    wep frag etheral V+4

    now idk fire is stronger or not?
    IGN: (S66)Nuts
    Level:Scion 83+ Still working
    Weapon: Superior Frag VI
    Class:Blood Priest
    Wings:Lord Angel Wings+3
    Pets: Fire Lord+9 Burning Angel+9

    Tenents: Natural master tenents but still work on it
    Send a ticket if you are having problems :

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    fire is stronger and more dps ice on the other hand skills slow the people down and have my crit with my experience but fire is stronger and has more dps for sure

    IGN: prNu
    BR: 4.4M+
    Class: 80 Corsair
    Server: 48


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        this question has came up so many times why didnt you just search? -.- but to answer ur question while ur mortal ice is generally better because ull last longer in pve enviroment. after scion when u get the great boost of attack fire is generally better because u basically out of the box are strong enough to kill faster in pve and pvp enviroment so that the def values of ice mage play less of a vital role in game experiance. hope it helps