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  • unreasonable muting

    R2 you should put some in game moderator to monitor those who are to mute or not to mute...its unfair to those who are always getting mute without proper reason..reporting is not enough for you to mute anyone without proper notice..besides some of those who get mute didn't break any rules at please put some in game moderator for you to monitor all the players..thanks

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    yeah i got randomly muted today so i agree on this motion. i realy needed to announce that i am buying/selling but i cant :P


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      tell me about it a guy named gab on my server gets muted 5-7 times a month i swear and he does prettty much nothing not even random spam ._. and yet a spamer on my server who threatns ppl ggets into random arguments and spams weird **** has i think only beeen muted once .-.


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        yeah i agree with this thing so much.. ingame moderators can supervised player's actions.. giving 3 max warnings and report it to the gm..
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          yeah i always get mute without proper notice #10 at least put some in game moderator so you can monitor each and every players in game to see who should get muted or not

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            they're too lazy to monitor the game all the time, so they will just believe anyone whos reporting Click image for larger version

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