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PvP on a PvE

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  • PvP on a PvE

    Firstly there shouldn't be, secondly we need a griefing report button and thirdly you need a more WoW-idea: if you're set to 'Peace' you should -not- be PvP-targettable. So far one player named IcheyaoFox or similar on Bloodshed Hollow: has been deliberately having a go the last half hour. Some might laugh but when you're spending an hour to do a quest that should take only ten minutes and it's one person constantly having a go at you: it's not funny.

    I think the PvP system is flawed and shouldn't be permissible on a PvE server

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    that being kaymo no doubt i have always and still think the easy fix for it would be make the pvp aspect of it only for lvl 50+. that so it can give the people who are the lvl to be there a chance lvl/quest in piece. and to let the people who are there for gotor do it without bothering the lil guys so much. of course make any1 carrying the nimbus auto pvp


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      *nods* I'm with you on every point there. Let's hope the admins agree with us too


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        Try changing instances, could help with your situation.
        Everything is temporary - Anon

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