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R2: We Need Clarity

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  • R2: We Need Clarity


    I am writing this post because I, like many other players, have become concerned about the flood of reports that characters are being accessed, deleted, and reset to Level 1 Mortal. This is especially concerning to me because I am on (S57), recently merged with (S59), where a large number of the reports seem to be originating.

    Rumors abound about the cause, however, the most prominent one is that a mega-casher, Galahalt, had paid very large sums of money for special treatment including: Unlimited GMUTs, +15 Orange Gear for all three of his characters, enough Therion to make a Phoenix, all the Purified Crystal he could handle, the ability to ban other players, and even greater levels of GM access that allowed him to access R2's private files. As the rumor goes, the mega-casher, at some point, felt that he was not getting enough special treatment for the large sums of money, or that R2 was not meeting his demands fast enough, so he endeavored to recover all of the charges made in favor of R2, which was done successfully save $30,000. In response, his paid-for characters were deleted.

    Despite having been deleted, however, it appears that the mega-casher either (a) had large amounts of cash items stored on alternate characters that R2 neglected to delete or (b) that R2 failed to fully revoke whatever special access Galahalt had and he was, therefore, able to continue to spawn Cash Shop items at will. What is certain is that after the merge of Server 59 to (S52)(S55)(S57)(DP) two characters claiming to be Galahalt (kosso and LissetteKim) began selling massive, MASSIVE amounts of Dragon Crystals, Morph Crystal, and various other cash shop items, amassing over 1000 platinum in just a couple of days. He openly admitted that his express intent was to "crash" the server by acquiring as much of the server's gold as possible and deleting it. Those characters were subsequently deleted but the same day another character appeared and was selling massive stores of Dragon Crystals and Morph Crystals for 1 gold each.

    Additionally, it is rumored that after having had these plans thwarted, Galahalt the mega-casher, either used access or gained access to R2's private files on the server side. He has been using this information to access and delete characters from (S59) and creating new characters of the same name to ensure the previous data for that character is completely deleted.

    What is known for certain is that (a) a character had access to thousands upon thousands of cash shop items; (b) this character was deleted after a couple of days and amassing over 1000 platinum; and (c) that a number of players have had their accounts accessed, their characters deleted, and a new L1 Mortal of the same name created on their accounts.

    And so I ask: WHAT IS GOING ON????

    As a player who enjoys this game, and a customer who has paid an unreasonable sum to enjoy a browser game, I am concerned for both the stability of my server and the safety of my account and the account of other players. R2, please issue a statement and clarify what is going on as to the following points:

    (1) What special privileges was Galahalt granted while he was here? We all know that it's possible to get special treatment by cashing massively. We should ALL be aware of what types of benefits and services R2 offers to the high-end casher. If he truly was able to get characters banned, it is unfair to leave the rest of the population in the dark. We should all be aware that when we play this game, it is possible that we can be removed if another player pays for it. If we continue to pay and play in such an atmosphere will be up to the us, but at least we will appreciate that risk before logging in.

    (2) Why was Galahalt banned? Was he a hacker who managed to find a way to spawn cash shop items or was he the creation of R2's special benefits who retracted his payments? Again, we should all be aware of what services R2 offers and what we will be subjected to.

    (3) What is the cause of the recent rash of characters being deleted and reset to Level 1 Mortal? Was R2's files truly accessed and are all players at risk? If so, what steps can we, as a player, do to prevent being accessed and deleted? Personally, I changed my passwords as a precaution, but is that enough. The players should be made completely aware of this situation given that the Cash Shop is still open 24 hours per day. If our accounts can be accessed by a player at will, we should know about that when deciding whether or not to buy VIP or recharge.

    These questions need to be addressed and they need to be addressed NOW. If I'm going to continue to pay to play, I want to be completely aware of the environment I am paying to play in. Whether the rumors be true or not, we need these questions to be answered so that we can be secure in our decisions to continue to pay and play.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    the matters will be addressed. please have patience, do not make more threads.