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Human right to free speech

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  • Human right to free speech

    I m not looking for trouble, but this needs to be said.

    R2, you need to address your customers some type of response in regards to the current issues and rumors regarding the Galahalt issue. People trust you to provide them with security in regards to their account information.When people find that their account may possibly be accessed, as well as their characters rolled back to level 1 after they worked so hard on them, it leads people to fears and doubts about the security , or lack of,that you are supposed to be providing them. Not only is it a risk to our characters on our accounts, but some people, such as myself, who pay with credit cards, may start to wonder if our personal information is also at risk and as easily accessed as the affected accounts. Also, deleting peoples threads and muting them in chat when they discuss this issue with each other does not look good on your side of things, especially when you have yet to explain to anyone what has happened.

    Also, you state that "player transactions and purchases are private" as a reason for deleting these threads. The player in question, Galahalt, made his transactions public knowledge by his own choice. Also, your Skype conversations with this person are also avaible on the internet for anyone to see....You trying to hush everyone about this matter only makes it look like you are trying to cover it up. Muting people in chat for talking amongst themselves about it? What ever happened to freedom of speech? whats next, you will have our phone service cut off if we choose to CALL each other to discuss this matter with each other?

    Not to long ago, Sony also had their site "hacked", and thousands of customers information was published online. There are still many pending lawsuits proceeding against them due to this, but they were loyal enough to their customers to inform them of what had taken place. You folks have had many posts and much time to tell us what is happening. I would encourage everyone to sue, just for your lack of communication about a security issue that puts ALL of us at risk. You don't need to tell us that you messed up, we are already aware of that. You DO need to communicate with us, the customers, both cashers and non cashers (which you treat all "equally",pffft). We are they ones that pay you.

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    it has already been stated that they are not hacking. this thread is now closed. if you so choose to contact a lawyer then i can't help you anymore, if there was a security issue my account would have been compromised and the spam fest continued non stop across every platforms forum and every post interrupting the help of other people..i've been currently in that server for more then a few days. no acc problems. continually posting hearsay will not be tolerated though. this is your first warning.