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Take the forums down for a few days.

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  • Take the forums down for a few days.

    It seems like the complaining is non-stop now, I suggest maybe taking the forums down until the Broken Realm maitenence begins this week. Just an idea, because I think what this forum really needs is a break.
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    Good Idea

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      Or the Admins or Mods can close unnecessary spam/whining threads or ban accounts that can't follow instructions. Punishing the entire player base who use the forums because a few people need to "Caput ex ano extrahe" is silly & counter productive.
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      R2 Games is no longer publishing City of Steam, at this time City of Steam is offline until November.


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        wow hello sheeple! Click image for larger version

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        I love myself.


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          What is the use of that..besides complaints the forums are still used to discuss the game and post bugs or suggestions that need to/could be done.
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            Not that i am complaining. But i know 2 of R2 CS partners that have really really good GMs and Mods and theres almost no complaints on their forums. The only way I can tell why their player base seem happy and not angry and full of hate is probably because their GMs are more active in-game and on the forums.


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              the situations will be handled(all the complaining), as it is based off untrue facts just to cause trouble, have a few dedicated Mods here that have a handle on things while still helping the community. Forums will survive, feel free to comment on suggestion threads etc an get things back to normal(ignore the trolls, or pm me regarding a troll thread/post if it bothers you). there are a few good threads up that could use some attention. continue posting actual issues if need help or pm me ticket #, or being social in regular allowed ways
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