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Scammer from rebels guild

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  • Scammer from rebels guild

    ezequiiias is a eidolon and scam me gve me back my 7d

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    R2 are useless for this, as they do not deal with people who have got scammed by others, you get nothing out of r2 not even support from them they could atleast ban that person from the game and or fine their main character through ip too and also ban them for a good 24hours
    IGN: (S23)TrixyFairy
    Eidolon: Lv.112 (Mage)
    Guild: (None)

    IGN: (S23)HiddenSecret
    Scion: Lv.45 (Knight)
    Guild: Crystaltm

    IGN: (S32)Ghoulina
    Scion: Lv.64 (Mage)
    Guild: FTW


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      u have proof of that?? dont liar -.-


      • #4
        90% of the people who report scammers, don't even provide proof.

        70% lies
        20% doesn't know how
        10% just posting proof and not talking in garbage language.

        Just post the proof, oh my god.
        • Server: Emerald Ridge
        • Character: Dylan
        • Class: Elementalist
        • Vigor: Grandmaster Elementalist
        • Guild: Reborn


        • #5
          Yes ezzequiiias scammer close the account


          • #6
            Eh Gm used more +70dc and my perfect is only +5 Failed Many


            • #7
              As Can Be This does not do anything ah many cheater in the game who have everything and I enchantando killing me something that always fails me I'm spending as 10d + and they have everything Something For You do not or are Accomplices