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Hybrid Priest Build Support need help ;-p

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  • Hybrid Priest Build Support need help ;-p

    Alright so I was thinking of making a Hybrid Priest Build for lvl 120 Eidolon (My goal)

    And this is what I got:

    Light Heal: 5
    Holy Light: 1
    Saint's Strength: 1
    Healing Wave: 5
    Improved Holy Light: 1
    Grace: 1
    Circle of Healing: 5
    Heavenly Protection: 8
    Sacred Space 6

    Blood Beam: 1
    Life Drain: 1
    Blood Pact: 1
    Improved Blood Beam: 1
    Improved Life Drain: 1
    Improved Blood Pact: 5
    Master Blood Beam: 5

    Curse Mastery: 5
    Curse of Weakness: 5
    Ring of Decay: 5
    Phlegmatic Curse: 5

    Guardians Protection: 5
    Pure in heart: 1
    Resurrection: 2
    Angel's Blessing: 5
    Circle of Power 5

    I want to make some damage, and do full support. and I might think that this is the build I'm looking for, or am I wrong?
    Last edited by Brigadier; 03-29-2013, 11:39 AM.
    • Server: Emerald Ridge
    • Character: Dylan
    • Class: Elementalist
    • Vigor: Grandmaster Elementalist
    • Guild: Reborn