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can i become a moderator?

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  • can i become a moderator?

    it seems to me the staff for this game not working right and i would llike to suggest difffernt event that really needs to be taken into consideration

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    Moderators have nothing to do with events or anything else in game. We can pass along the really good suggestions from the forums, but it's not as simple as saying "this is a good idea, do it". Wish it was, there's so many good ideas floating around.
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      i kno but .....


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        stilll the name moderator will sound cool to me


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          Then u shouldn't start begging for it, and it doesn't look good if you are double posting in your own thread. :-P

          Also remember that "Moderator" isn't a rank like King or Emperor.
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            Originally posted by mtdew1234 View Post
            stilll the name moderator will sound cool to me
            what make you think people like this sound cool? Click image for larger version

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              make up your mind geez
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                lol lol imma mod and kno imma mod and imma sho it (changes name) lol