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Torches... waste of time or no?

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  • Torches... waste of time or no?

    Hey r2 i was thinking that u should put 200 torches for 2 mins instead of a single torch for 1 hour ! Yes im refering to the event "Torch Party".

    It would be cool to have 200 torches for 2 mins instead of 1 torch for 1hour, since the players can focus on other things instead of just staying near the torch for hours, the players can do much much more stuff in that time!Very time convineint!

    Anyways if it is possible can u add this feature
    and thx for this kind of event

    Exigent Bluff
    IGN: xSiR

  • #2
    how about no?


    • #3
      Open Shop near Torch u get Exp and if u sell somethink Cash
      IGN: (S66)Nuts
      Level:Scion 83+ Still working
      Weapon: Superior Frag VI
      Class:Blood Priest
      Wings:Lord Angel Wings+3
      Pets: Fire Lord+9 Burning Angel+9

      Tenents: Natural master tenents but still work on it
      Send a ticket if you are having problems :


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        Would be too laggy ;_;