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    took me an hour to not complete crypt do to loading data screens, yet any other website i pulled up in a new tab loaded instantly, so do not dare say it's my end...

    clearly you have issues that must be resolved...

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    and again today.. what is up with this?

    google results: About 1,620,000,000 results (0.14 seconds) so you can see it's not my end...

    and right now, just left level 3 crypt, and stuck at level 3 crypt on re entering... something is very wrong here

    it's getting silly, if i've been there and collected reward, instant load... if i go back to same level for next, hang... only when i can collect a reward... the hour i spend moving through, all levels instant, until that one where i can collect reward
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      since it's now timed out after an hour of relogging, you owe me last two levels of crypt xp..


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        Google finding results have nothing to do with your connection since it's searching the internet for keywords, which is totally different. You should ping the R2 site (if you know how) and it will tell you how many ms (milliseconds) it takes to send and receive data from r2. I've been running every event without lag or loading issues.


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          they seem to have fixed it today, as i was able to complete crypt in 10 minutes for the first time in four days... and yes, ping is a very simple matter and btw, traceroute is better, but on a windows system, probalby called trcroute or something similar
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