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Too many disconnections!

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  • Too many disconnections!

    just like the others, i keep getting disconnected every 5 mins or so. cleared cache and cookies, powercycled router etc. problem is with server. have 2 continuou ping at the same time.... keep timing out unllike so there, obviously not my net or browser problem. pls relay the problem to whoever can fix it. thank you in advance.

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    Perfect, thank you. It's been reported and will be looked into.
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      i thought my problem was an isolated issue so i had to check with my ISP first. i also did same troubleshooting. cleared cache and cookies, system powercycle, even tried other computers in the house. i keep getting disconnected. whenever i relog, i can stay connected fine for about 3-10mins max then i get disconnected again. excuse my images, i had to crop the screenshots cos mac gives away too much personal info. Click image for larger version

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        update us please...... dont leave us hanging in the dark.. perhaps anyone from the r2team would like to shine some light regarding this matter.........


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          Hey mods, do we need to wait another 24hrs? to fix this problem..?


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            Bump! Bump! Updates please


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              hello r2????? are you there? bump!bump!bump!


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                Fellas, that experiencing unconditional disconnections, i think that the problem is on our ISP. Im using globe tattoo here in ph, but when i switched to smart wimax, i do not get dced anymore. Just sharing


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                  run a tracert instead of a ping.... and post the result here

                  just post what server and game its from
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