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My Crystals dissapeared!

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  • My Crystals dissapeared!

    Hi, im AngelSpirit i play in Ceurna Gorge.
    I looked in my inventory and there was 2400 crytals (yay 3 months vip ) so i accentually clicked out, so when i went back in i noticed something... I ONLY HAD 32 CRYSTALS D: and i was about to buy something with them too
    plz help!

    (it says i joined in april, but i joined last year or so... i just had to change my password :P)

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    Crystals? Soul crystals? Shadow crystals? Which do you mean??


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      What is a crystal?
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        I think you're playing Crystal Saga. not Wartune. LOL
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          Yes i am playing crystal saga.
          The crystals i am talking about are purple in the inventory and the only way to get them is with real money, or being a vip :P


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            Wrong forum.
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              moved to correct forum
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                There's a lot of reasons for missing crystals- if you were in AFK mode and had one of the auto-buy options checked, if you were upgrading something and had an auto-buy option checked. The Zodiac charges 15 crystals per horoscope refresh.. Lots of ways.

                To find out what happened to yours, please send in a ticket to and ask them to tell you what you bought. Give them a time and date range so they know what they are looking for.
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