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Deleted character needs resurrecting

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  • Deleted character needs resurrecting

    Hi all.
    Someone gained access to my brothers account via deception and deleted his lvl 69 priest on server S61. Staff are now trying to tell him that his character has never existed. His character name was sami. His VIP just ended and now only has lvl 1 characters. Surely if staff look at the logs during Saturday evening they will see that his character did exist and needs to be returned. He has a support ticket but has not been resolved yet. Has anyone else had a character returned after deletion?.

    Any help on this matter would be appreciated. He also knows the character responsible for the deletion and has been named and shamed in game already.
    Could a member of staff please reply. Cheers.

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    If the character was deleted and then recreated on the same server with the same name, the database gets overwritten as if the character never existed.

    The only way to begin the lengthy process on restoring a character that this happened to is to prove that access to the character was gained by force, and not from giving out log in information. I only know of one person who legitimately had that happen in the year I've been a mod for, and it took a very long time to prove it.
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      I believe that my brother has created another priest with same name which as you have confirmed was a bad move as nothing can be done. Further to this was that he was a guild leader and now the guild rising stars now have no leader and can't promote one also. Sucks as he put a lot of monies into this game and now will leave as its not worth starting from scratch with no kit or crystal. Thanks a lot zubuga you little idiot.