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Anyone else having login problems?

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  • Anyone else having login problems?

    Well I reset the router on my computer because the connection was getting bad and when I tried to log back in, I get to the character select page but it stops at 'connecting...' and doesn't load my toons. Storms passed by days ago and I can't imagine mother nature is effecting my connection. Anyone mind explaining the problem?
    Server: (S1)Aurora Point
    Guild: Eden
    Class: Priest
    Character: (S1)NostaleFrx
    Level: 101 scion
    Sperion: Lv. 110 Eternal Defense
    Wings: Ultimate Demon Lord
    Fragarach: Supreme Auguric II +12
    Mount: Kyubi Gen 2
    Lv. 5 Zodiac buff
    Blessing of Light (Broken Seal)
    Beast Soul: Lv. 4 Seiryu
    Pet: Gen 1 BA Gen 1 DK Gen 2 Panda (adult)
    Pixie: Holy Terrene 23/40
    Tenet: Lv. 1 Spirit
    Tower: 40/8960
    Soul: 897/3000

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    same here....